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Sinus Lift Surgery

sinus lift surgery

A maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure (sometimes known informally as a sinus-lift or sinus procedure) is a surgical procedure performed by well-trained dentist or dental specialist to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla, or upper jawbone. Sinus lift surgery is one of the most crucial surgeries in the field of dentistry. The sinus augmentation of the upper jaw is a conventional procedure of the sinus lift surgery. The main purpose of this surgery is to ensure that there is ample jawbone quantity present in the upper jaw. Most of the patients express their concern about opting for the sinus lift surgery. This is due to the age-old invasive nature of the sinus life surgery procedure. However, due to the increased usage and involvement of the latest surgical technologies, sinus lift surgeries have become quite simpler and acceptable for the dental patients.
While there may be a number of reasons for wanting a greater volume of bone in the posterior maxilla, the most common cause in the dental treatment planning is to decide and mark the site for the placement of dental implants in future. If your upper jaw has less than the required amount of the bone for support to the dental implants, then sinus lift surgery is crucial for your oral cavity. This ensures that the bone develops around the required area and implants are placed accordingly. Also, if a patient suffers from trauma, accident or sudden stress, then sinus lift surgeries are performed. This provides support to the broken structures thereby helping the patient recovering with a normal structure.
Sinus augmentation (sinus lift) is performed in case of the patients where the floor of the sinus is closer than the required levels. This procedure is performed ensures that a secure place for the implants is available as well as the sinus is protected. Lowering of the sinus can be due to several reasons like long-term tooth loss without the necessary treatment, periodontal disease, and trauma. We ensure that the cause is identified at the earliest and patients are treated at the earliest with the best possible results. Patients who have been treated with the sinus augmentation can revive their lives in the best positive way without facing many troubles in the later years of life. Sinus life surgeries have proved to benefit various difficult cases in the field of dentistry appreciably.