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Tooth Crystal

tooth crystal

In the present times, many individuals are opting for contemporary aesthetics to enhance both dental health and beauty. As one of the latest trends to catch the fancy of old and young alike, Tooth Crystal has become most successful in recent years. This shining crystal is an attractive feature which is prominently seen when an individual smiles. These days tooth crystals have become a part of the jewelry of young females. These crystals can be prominently seen in the front teeth. Therefore, this is the most preferred area for the same. In common practice the tooth crystal is affixed on the second tooth from the front in the upper left and right quadrant.
It can last for a relatively long period provided it is well maintained. In other words, it is definitely be worth all the investment. Our experienced team of cosmetic dental specialists wills that a quality tooth crystal be placed over the teeth so that the aesthetic features are for all to see as the patients flash a smile. If, at any possible circumstance, the crystal gets loose unexpectedly, it can re-attach without much ado. This jewel is a tiny glass crystal with no sharp edges. If, at all the tiny crystal is accidentally swallowed, it will come out naturally. It is therefore clear by the above stated analysis of procedure that there are almost no side effects of this new type of jewelry. Whenever you wish to remove your crystal, a dentist can take it off.
Tooth Crystals are now also available in different colors such as blue crystals and sapphire white. The latter one is in more demand yet the former one is an upcoming choice of increasing number of individuals. Therefore you get the flexibility of choosing the color of the crystals instead of living with just one option. It is always recommended to get dental cleaning procedures done even if you have the crystal fixed on your tooth. The tooth crystal is dealt in a soft manner to avoid its removal. We ensure that you have pleasant experiences with your tooth crystal placement procedure and stay happy with it for an appreciable time period.