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oral tooth filing

Tooth Filing

oral tooth filing

Dental or tooth filling is an old as well as popular method of dentistry that treats the problem of cavity. The process of tooth filling is done by the dentist who removes the decayed area of the tooth and literally “fills” it to prevent further damage. Dental treatment fillings are an equally successful process for cracked and broken tooth. In the first step of the filling, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be filled. Next, the decayed area is removed with an abrasion instrument or laser. The choice of instrument depends as per the necessity of the case. To treat a cavity your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then "fill" the area on the tooth where the decayed material was removed.

In the next step, the dentist will examine the area to ensure that all the decay has been removed. Once the decay has been removed, the dentist will prepare the space for the filling by cleaning the cavity of bacteria and debris. If any sort of decay is found near the root, the highlights the area with a liner made of glass ionomer, composite resin. This is basically done to protect the nerve. Generally, after the filling is in, your dentist will finish and polish it. Some of the dental treatment filling materials that are used for dental filling are porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, tooth-colored plastic and composite resin fillings.