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Crooked Tooth Correction

crooked tooth correction

Not everybody is born with aligned or straight teeth, some may have crooked teeth, which are mainly visible when they smile or open their mouth. Fortunately, in modern dentistry there are several effective options available that can correct crooked or misaligned teeth. But, the method for correcting the crooked teeth greatly depends on the degree of misalignment and affordability. The modern dentistry has managed all types of misalignment and crooked teeth can be treated without any surgical procedure now. Due to advancement in dentistry, VCODE has managed to add new products and new crooked teeth correction procedures so as to make the process of correct faster and easier than ever before.


By and large, braces can be classified into three types; ceramic and plasticand metal brackets that are fixed by the dentists in front of the teeth. These brackets are chiefly glued to hold the wire in place, which is typically shaped to an optimal contour by the dentists. In due course of time, the wire keeps on shifting the teeth in place, thus your crooked teeth are corrected. A monthly visit to the dental clinic is required so as to make the wire tightened. Among three alternatives available for braces, the dentist mostly prefers to use ceramic brackets because of its transparent color, which hardly makes them noticeable. Moreover, the ceramic brackets usually commix with the natural color of the teeth. After the braces are removed, the patients need to wear a retainer for few months in order to prevent the teeth from shifting.


Invisalign is the latest invention in cosmetic dentistry. It is a series of detachable, transparent and plastic aligners that can easily tighten the teeth in place although it may not be too efficient in severe cases

Accelerated Orthodontics

Patients who long for an immediate result without much pain can always look up to accelerated orthodontics as the best solution for them. By combining two procedures (namely periodontics and orthodontic) together, the dentists will help you to get back the beautiful smile once again. This procedure requires a total of 6 months to align the teeth in place. But, the patient needs to wear lingual braces in the entire course of time. If you are facing time constraints, we also use porcelain veneers to even up the crooked teeth. Even though the procedure is quite time-consuming, it will help you to not only get straighter teeth but also whiter teeth than ever before. At Venkateshwar Centre of Dental Excellence, we also offer teeth reshaping and contouring to treat crooked teeth with a high level of success and accuracy. This process is also very effective to get back straight teeth once again. Thepatients can also get whiter teeth with the help of acceleratedorthodontics.