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Missing Multiple Teeth

missing multiple teeth

For dental cases, wherein multiple teeth are missing in different parts of the several single tooth implants is excellent replacement restoration. Multiple tooth implants provide a firm base to the spaces of the missing tooth inside the patient’s mouth. As for the cases of those individuals who have multiple missing teeth in their mouth, replacement of those missing teeth areas becomes crucial. Starting with the dental implants treatment without any delay is important. Fixed bridges can be placed efficiently with the help of the multiple tooth implants successfully in the recent times. The success rate of the multiple tooth implants in different types of cases is commendable due to the less margin of error. It also helps the patients to eat the foodstuffs they want just within few days of the successful completion of the placement of the multiple tooth implants.
The biggest benefit; tooth implants are positioned individually at each of the missing teeth points. Therefore, the implants do not interfere with the functioning of each other, thus providing a firm base and support to the adjacent and opposite teeth too. Also, the alveolar bone, which holds the tooth is guarded against deterioration with the help of the placement of the multiple teeth, implants at the respective locations. The best part is that you need not worry regarding the resorption of the alveolar bone associated with the missing teeth, which usually occurs in the absence of natural teeth or dental implants.
If multiple teeth are missing within the same region in the patient’s mouth, then the void can be successfully filled with multiple tooth implants. So, you can see that you can get better and stronger support for your alveolar bone and surrounding tooth structures in the mouth with the help of the multiple tooth implants. This solution includes having implant fixed bridges done. Patients can apply normal force while chewing in the same way as that of the natural tooth. Also, you can ensure that there is no displacement of the dental implants in most of the patients until a decade or so. In this way, you can entirely trust on the multiple tooth implants for the replacement in the missing teeth area in your mouth. One of the major features is that after the placement of the dental implants, dental crowns are fixed on them thus providing a natural yet aesthetic appearance to your smile for the rest of your life.