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Jetting Out Teeth Correction

jetting out teeth correction

Teeth can be in improper position in the dental arch in various ways. Front teeth can break open outwards, is also known as ‘jetting out’ .The is mainly caused due to periodontal disease (loosening of gums) or dental malocclusion. Such condition can be treated by orthodontic therapy by taking into account some of the patient factors like treatment span (1-2 years), oral hygiene, age and bone condition permit. As an alternative to orthodontics, smile designing can be done using a combination of aesthetic crowns, veneers and bridges. The advantage of this strategy is the time period as it can be done as the teeth are prepared in such a manner that they receive the crowns and veneers of proper shape that gives an ideal alignment to the arch with a natural look that suits best to the patient. If there is probability of pulp exposure (nerve of tooth) during preparation is anticipated, an intentional root canal treatment (RCT) is done before hand.