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Fluoride Fillings

flouride fillings

Fluoride fillings are one of the most effectual treatments available for successful prevention tooth decay. Additionally, the spreading of tooth decay is significantly limited with fluoride fillings. Although, it is an occurring mineral found in foods and drinks, such as fish and tea, it can also be synthesized (manufactured). Synthetic fluoride is used in toothpastes; this acts as the source of providing from daily-required fluoride quantities. Children and adults must give brushing teeth with fluoride paste on a daily basis alike. In addition, consumption of water in ample amount should also be earmarked as it contains fluoride in it in the recommended quantities. Failure to follow these basic health advisory calls for fluoride fillings to be done so as to provide the required fluoride amounts to your teeth on a daily basis.
Fluoride filling ensures that the tooth is protected from the acidic reactions caused by sour food and wards off the risks of tooth decay. It reduces the ability of plaque bacteria to produce acid and enhances the repair (re-mineralization) of enamel. This way, the patient’s teeth are protected for an extended period of time if the fluoride fillings are done on a timely basis.
If your dental caries is in its early stages, your dentist may be able to repair the decay by using a concentrated fluoride gel, varnish or paste. The usage of the fluoride component material depends on the requirement and case of the patient. There are several factors, which are associated with the success of the fluoride fillings in the children as well as adults. These include the constituents of the restorative fluoride materials, amount of the tooth structure left as well as the location of the respective tooth in the patient’s mouth.
Several patients rule out the necessity of having fluoride fillings in their teeth. They are one of the top options for preventing your teeth from future dental problems thereby increasing the dental health in your mouth. So, if your dentist suggests you to go for the fluoride fillings, then you should go ahead with the process of fluoride fillings for your restorative treatment. Most of the dental fluoride fillings consist of the aesthetic features, so you can trust on the fillings for your mental satisfaction regarding how your teeth will look after few months or years. Not only do we aim to provide demineralization protection to your teeth but also ensure that the teeth look natural for an appreciable period.