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Gap Closures

gap closure

Gapped teeth are considered to be the most common problem these days, especially among people who have habit of chewing pen cap. The problem of gapped teeth is seen as a usual occurrence among those people who had the habit of sucking thumb in childhood. Moreover, one must keep in mind that both age and genetic factor too can be vital in causing space between teeth. Fortunately, the dentistry world is replete with many treatments that can successfully help in eliminating the gap between the teeth that helps you in getting back the smile that oozes confidence. If you also have a gap between teeth, then it is the time to opt for gap closures offered Venkateshwar Dental Hospital. This procedure is considered to be the best cosmetic dentistry technique as it is extremely precise and eliminate the gap between the teeth flawlessly. The added benefit comes in the form of pleasant look for your teeth.
One such method of gap closure is dental bonding. This method is used to offer a perfect shape of the tooth by filling the spaces available. The dentists to fill up the empty space utilize resin material. Besides, the dentists also ensure that the resin material used for the treatment blends with the actual tooth color of the patient. This procedure is less time consuming and can be accomplished in single sitting. It is also a low-cost procedure.
We also offer gap closures with Porcelain Veneers. This technique is quite effective and helps the patients to get perfect smile. We utilize crowns/veneers to fill the vacant space between the teeth and they are used in such a way that it looks real. People with large spaces between teeth may opt for this treatment, which may help them to get perfect smile on their face. The type of Veneers we will use for the treatment depends upon the condition and spaces of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant & are stronger and durable than composite veneers. We use both porcelain and composite veneers.
No matter which technique of gap closure is used for treating gaps between the teeth, the patients must take the best possible care after the treatment to maintain and prolong the effectiveness of the procedure. We at our dental care hospital strive to help you in achieving that picture perfect million-dollar smile. Do visit the Venkateshwar Centre of Dental Excellence for a top-notch cosmetic dentistry to see the difference.